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What makes our faceplates better than others?

  • 1 Yr Warranty - On all faceplates.
  • Optional Lifetime Warranty - (If you have us do a plug & play installation)
  • Full 3M Adhesive backing - Insures that the faceplates lay flat and prevents the faceplate from warping/buckling or interfering with the operation of the needle.
  • High quality transformer - Our transformers are made of better components (which is why we can give such a good warranty) as this is the major cause of competitor failures.
  • Heavy gauge wire - The transformer wiring in most cases is twice as thick as some competitors which also reduces failures from damaged or broken wires. Also, better insulation prevents pinched wires becoming a short and causing electrical system failures.
  • Hand soldered ribbon cables - Prevents arcing and possible gauge damage because each connection is hand soldered and inspected against failure. All illumiglo style transformers typically put out 140Vac which can be damaging if not properly made.
  • UV Resistant coating - Prevents fading and discoloration from sunlight.
  • Solid customer service - Most of the faceplates on the market are direct knock-offs of our original designs. We were selling them for the motorcycle community first and will be still around long after other companies are closed to honor any warranty issues you may have.